M.A., Louisiana State University-Monroe B.A., University of North Texas


  • International Right of Way Association, Member
    • Chapter 1 President, 1994
  • IRWA International Pipeline Committee
    • Chair 2010-2012
    • Editorial Review Board 2006-2010
    • Region 1 Representative, 1988 – Present
  • California Redevelopment Association (CRA), Member
  • American Public Works Association, Member
  • Women’s Transportation Seminar, Member

Neilia LaValle


Neilia LaValle is one of the most accomplished and respected professionals in the Right of Way and Real Estate consulting industry. A natural problem-solver, she co-founded Paragon Partners in 1993 to pursue her vision to Advance the Industry by continually improving processes, work products, knowledge and the use of technology to meet or exceed client needs and expectations. As a result, Paragon Partners has contributed to hundreds of successful infrastructure and energy projects in North America for public and private sector clients and has set a standard of service that others strive to achieve.

Under Neilia’s leadership as President, the firm has grown to include over 130 real estate consultants and support staff in nine regional locations and project offices, as Paragon Partners Consultants, Inc. Neilia oversees corporate leadership, client relationship management, and business development. She remains actively involved in large-scale projects with clients including ExxonMobil and the Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority and holds leadership positions in the International Right of Way Association (IRWA).

During her 35+ year career in Right of Way and Real Estate consulting, Neilia has managed projects and programs involving the acquisition of thousands of acres of real property and permits from hundreds of property owners. She also has managed the regulatory permit process for projects including rail and highway transportation corridors, redevelopment, public infrastructure, landfills, reservoirs, pipelines, utilities, reservoirs, telecommunications, and wind farms.