B.A., Psychology, Minor in Spanish, Southern Utah University

Steve Fox, SR/WA

Vice President/Northwest Regional Manager

Steve Fox, SR/WA, is a respected leader, a licensed real estate agent in four states, and a well-versed expert in federal, state, and local right of way regulations. An experienced and skilled project manager, he has successfully led a broad range of right of way projects throughout the Western United States, including transportation, energy, housing, and more. His versatile background includes efforts for state transportation agencies in California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, as well as numerous entities in the private sector. His approach to ensuring success for each project involves steady communication, collaboration, quality control, and accountability. This has consistently yielded exceptional budget and project timeline benefits for clients. In addition to his technical acumen, Steve is recognized for his commitment to mentoring his project team members in all aspects of right of way services to the benefit of clients and the industry.